May 9-11, 2017 | Savannah, GA

Why You Should Attend


Why You Should Attend

The National Invasive Species Forum (NAISF) strives to advance the formation of partnerships, sharing of information, and coordination of programs that transcend traditional jurisdictional borders. In the years since its inception, NAISF (formerly Weeds Across Borders) conferences have been held in Canada, Mexico, and the United States and have attracted participants and presenters from across each nation. In Savannah, NAISF participants will build upon the work conducted at the 2014 conference in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada where participants established plans to create a high-level Continental Invasive Species Framework that would strategically address issues shared across international borders, with focus on prevention and detection, rapid response, pathways and communications. One of the objectives for 2017 is to outline this continental Strategic Framework.

In addition to this, you should attend because:

  • Selected speakers are national representatives of invasive species programs in the United States, Mexico, and Canada who can provide background in each country’s activities related to invasive species prevention, management, research, and regulation.

  • The conference is participatory and the environment will be interactive.

  • You will hear from experts and have the opportunity to meet leaders in the field.

  • The conference offers networking opportunities with professionals throughout North America and opportunities to learn from your peers about the latest practices, technologies, solutions and regulations.

  • Educational technical sessions, field trips and a workshop will be offered to increase your skill level and knowledge base.